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Cedric Dale Hoard


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  •  IMPACT a generation to reach their true potential.

  •   INSPIRE a generation to move from pain to healing.

  • INFORM a generation with the hope of Christ.

  • INFLUENCE a generation to discover their purposeful identity.    

Lakiesha Russell, LPC, Founder of The Evolving Chair

"Cedric is one of the greatest poets of our generation! He captivates his audience through the way he is able to eloquently place his words. His love for God and his passion for poetry is evident through his heartfelt delivery. EVERYTIME I've had the opportunity to hear Cedric minister it gives me chills. Which is why I had to have him be apart of my #NoFear Conference last year!" 

Brian McKee, Lead Pastor, City of Light Church

“When words heal wounds, they transcend human capacity and operate in a realm that only Christ can give. Cedric has the God-given ability to transform his personal pain and victories into healing medicine administered through divinely inspired poetry." 

Frank Gil, Student Ministries Pastor, epikos Church

"Every event I have had Cedric perform at, one of the biggest questions I get asked is, "Where can I get more information about Cedric? He is amazing!" His art is well done and thought provoking. My students walk away challenged and motivated after each and everyone of his pieces. When planning an event, Cedric will always elevate it to excellence!"


"The weight of responsibility has to be bigger than the height of your ego. What good is an instrument without a musician? What good is an instrument if it doesn't understand it's influence to impact those who listen? Instruments are useless by themselves. Your gift, dreams, and talents have to be bigger than just you."

- Cedric Dale Hoard